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Manifestation in Stockholm. Photo: Susanna Lif

Manifestation in Stockholm. Photo: Susanna Lif

About Us

The Swedish Burma Committee’s projects in Myanmar support local activists fighting for peace and democracy. Through various campaigns, the Committee seeks to make the voices of the activists and local civil society heard.

The Committee’s main activities are two-pronged: providing direct support to grassroots activists in Myanmar, and awareness raising about Myanmar in Sweden. We advocate for international policies towards Myanmar that are informed by local concerns, and that support democratization and an improved human rights situation in the country.

The Swedish Burma Committee was founded in 2000, mainly as a solidarity organization to support the thousands of political prisoners in Myanmar. Since then, due to its long term involvement in the political and social issues in Myanmar, the Committee has developed into an organization with deep insights and knowledge of various developments in Myanmar, and has built trusting relationships with the many democracy activists and partner grassroots organizations with whom it works.

The Swedish Burma Committee is an independent, non-profit organization. The Committee’s activities are supported by funding received from aid organizations, project grants and individual memberships and donations.

If you would like to help support grassroots activists in Myanmar, please join us by becoming a member! The annual membership fee is 150 SEK per person and can be paid into The Committee’s Plusgiro-account: PG 129 44 07-0, or by swish to 123 616 24 57. Donations, large or small, are also greatly appreciated.


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