9 nov Building Peace – Meet Activists from Burma/Myanmar

Burmakommitténs partnerorganisationer är i Uppsala för att delta i ett angeläget seminarium om fredsförutsättningarna i Burma. Även Elin Bjarnegård (forskare vid Uppsala Universitet) och vår ordförande Matilda Hald deltar. Efteråt finns möjlighet att sitta ner i ”Världscafét” och fortsätta diskussionerna med panelisterna. Välkomna!

Inbjudan från Uppsala Peace and Development Students’ Association:

Seize the opportunity to listen and talk to activists working with peacebuilding and human, women and minority rights in Burma/Myanmar. The Swedish Burma committee is currently hosting eight local activists from different backgrounds, ethnicities and with various experiences. During their stay in Sweden they will come and visit us in Uppsala!

The line-up of the evening:

A representative from the Swedish Burma committee will give us an introduction about the current situation in Burma/Myanmar. What are the possibilities and challenges for the peace process and what does the Swedish Burma committee do?

Elin Bjarnegård, researcher from the Department of Government in Uppsala, will give a brief talk about the election in 2015 and the current challenges in Myanmar, based on her research in the field.

This will be followed by a panel discussion with some of the activists. Afterwards, we will move on to what we call a ”world café” where you will get the opportunity to talk face to face with our guests. We will divide into smaller groups where we can discuss and ask questions, which hopefully will provide us with new perspectives of individual experiences!

UPaD would also like to emphasise that we do not take any political standpoints in the ongoing conflict in Burma/Myanmar, or what is said during the lecture. We hope that this evening will be seen as an opportunity to understand the local context for ethnic minorities and hear different perspectives from activists on the ground – a perspective that sometimes can be lacking in the academic world.


Location: Sal4291B, Statsvetenskapliga Institutionen, Gamla Torget 6, Uppsala

Tid: 9 nov, kl 16.15-18.

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